Hazem Ibrahim

Computer Science Ph.D - New York University


Hi! I’m Hazem, a first year Ph.D student at NYU studying Computer Science, with a specific focus on Computational Social Science.

My research interests lie in understanding the societal impact of technology, from discerning the existence of algorithmic bias in recommendation systems, to the misuse of technology in academic/pedagogical contexts. Currently, my work is focused on understanding how ethnic and gender representations have changed in popular forms of media, such as in movies or fashion magazines, and how these different groups are presented contextually.

Outside of academia, I’ve also coached the three New York University Abu Dhabi varsity basketball teams, winning the Abu Dhabi Intercollegiate Sports League title in 2022-2023.


Feb 11, 2024 Published our work titled “Google Scholar is manipulatable” on arXiv. This work was covered by the news teams at Science and Nature.
Dec 15, 2023 Awarded a spot on MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 list for 2023
Nov 24, 2023 Our work “Big Tech dominance despite global mistrust” was accepted in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems.

Selected publications

  1. arXiv
    Google Scholar is manipulatable
    Hazem Ibrahim, Fengyuan Liu, Yasir Zaki, and 1 more author
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.04607, 2024
  2. Sci. Reports
    Perception, performance, and detectability of conversational artificial intelligence across 32 university courses
    Hazem Ibrahim, Fengyuan Liu, Rohail Asim, and 8 more authors
    Scientific Reports, 2023
  3. PNAS Nexus
    YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is left-leaning in the United States
    Hazem Ibrahim, Nouar AlDahoul, Sangjin Lee, and 2 more authors
    PNAS nexus, 2023